It is believed that cannabis originated in an ancient village in Asia. Ever wondered how it made its way to the United States? Hemp was often used during the times of World War II and dated back to colonial times. The crop was planted and used for materials such as clothing and tools that would be useful for ships in order to maintain smooth sailing. Farmers who were apart of the War-era grew many fields of cannabis Sativa.

FUN FACT #1: “More than 120,000 pounds of hemp fiber was needed to rig the 44-gun USS Constitution, America’s oldest Navy ship affectionately called “Old Ironsides.” – Farm Collector

Field of hemp. Cannabis Sativa

Hemp became an important crop for war-craft, including ship builds and repairs. During the era in which many spent their time out at sea, hemp became widely popular because of its interesting form of cultivation and having a “natural decay resistance” structure. By the 1600s, hemp was used to produce many cloths or paper-based materials in the south.

FUN FACT #2: “The first drafts of the Declaration of Independence were penned on hemp paper”. – Farm Collector

FUN FACT #3: “Hemp was also considered a form of currency in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland”. – History

During World War II, hemp was also used to prepare the shoelaces of the soldiers and made it possible for parachutes to maintain sturdy webbing for paratroopers. Throughout history, the continuous use of hemp has grown and evolved from methods of war-craft to having the potential to provide medicinal benefits for the mind and body. The future utilization of hemp can be viewed as something quite fascinating. With the industry moving at such a fast pace, one can definitely foresee its success through cultivation.

~ The PG Team

One of our main focal points, as an active contributor to the medical cannabis industry, is to educate the community on both insightful and useful information. In partnership with Visions and Pathways, the Now You Know – Educating Youth on the Legalization of Marijuana workshop series has completed five successful sessions this year in Essex, Morris, and Somerset County. We have educated over 150 youths and adults within a 6 month period. We also offered a special session for the NAACP-NJ (National Advancement of Colored People) Chapter in September. Through this, the workshop provided a high level of knowledge geared toward various key topics within the cannabis industry involving components such as, but not limited to:

  • The cannabis industry
  • Health risks and benefits
  • Plant structure
  • Various aspects of the law
  • Career and business opportunities

Through outreach and educating the youth and general public on the many factors that involve medical cannabis, the goal behind the workshop was to educate those on marijuana, its history and legal background, and its ever-evolving presence in society. 

A very special thanks to our partners for the workshop series: Visions and Pathways, 68 Partners, NJ CannaBusiness Association, NJ Cannabis Commission, Black Cannabis, BCB Bank, Lauletta Birnbaum, LLC, DACO, Ford Harrison Law Firm, Cole Schotz Law Firm, Diasporic Alliance for Cannabis Opportunities, Jasmine Brown, Hope Wiseman, Norris McLaughlin, P.A, Desiree Ivey, and MJM Strategy.

~ The PG Health Team

South Carolina, one of the many states that are legally allowed to grow and harvest industrial hemp has an interesting way of farming cannabis. We’ve got the inside look on a hi-tech growing breakthrough.

This month, the PG Health team traveled to Columbia, South Carolina, home of the largest apple-producing area, and were given an inside look at the process of cannabis growth. The host of our stay, Eric Berry introduced us to a number of farms that specialize in using hi-tech equipment to aid in the growth and storage portion of hemp farming.

Growth and Seeds

Dating back to its earliest history, hemp (cannabis plant) is one of the oldest crops that have been cultivated. The process of growing hemp requires extensive care and ideal climate aspects to become a cultivation success. The cost of hemp seeds totals $120,000 which includes 5,000-7,000 seeds per acre. Planting starts the third week of May and follows through into the first week of June. From then on, hemp is then transplanted into 40″ rows on flat ground. Like many plants, it requires moisture to set the roots. Being careful not to overwater the cannabis plant, it still requires an adequate amount to continue its life cycle. Weeding is also a concern which requires close attention on a daily basis; including checking for plants that have matured and do not contain pollen sacs. The ration of land per labor to grow and harvest 8 per acre. In order to carry out the plan to successfully cultivate hemp, the following equipment is required:

  • Raised bed shaper
  • Plastic mulch layers with drip applicators
  • Transplanter (a machine used for transplanting seedlings fields) with tray racks
  • Plastic mulch retriever 
  • Bed mower
  • Seeds (Hemp certified CBD seeds)

Alongside this, information on the farmer as well approval is required from the department of agriculture before the process can begin.


After harvesting, hemp is transported by trucks in bags and then stored indoors for drying. This includes warehouse floors, dehumidifiers, fans, tobacco farms, sheds, and mechanical dryers. The goal is to keep the area dry, well ventilated and out of direct sunlight. The amount of time the hemp is left to dry is two weeks. In order to avoid the growth of mold and mildew, growers should “break off the individual branches from the hemp plant and hang branches on the drying wire, not whole plants” (George Place of N.C. Cooperative Extension, Catawba County Center).

The process of healthy hemp growth is extensive and high-quality cannabis must originate from successful production. Cannabis farming is increasing more each day and is used for a variety of different purposes including but not limited to medicine, manufacturing, energy, and much more. The hemp plant is more than just its green fixtures but a complex resource.

~ PG Health Team

Our name is who we are. It is what we represent, what we strive for; our influence and legacy. PG Health stands for Pure Genesis Health. This organization is was built upon the concepts of originality and innovation. As the Hemp plant is known to have been one of the first to be grown, cultivated, and spun into fiber, it has developed a wide array of uses in its millennia of service. Its purpose is exceptionally effective and beneficial in its purest of forms. This purity is combined with the natural components of its origin, Genesis. Since its inception of the artistry and abundance of everything it can do is comparable to everything we strive to become.

We are on our way to becoming the top patient organization serving high-quality medical cannabis products in the state of New Jersey. We are a women and minority-owned organization (certified MWBE), run by a dynamic and diverse team of experts who plan to exceed not only state regulated intentions, but also that of the community in which we are from. Our patients deserve the best, and we are here to give them what they need: consistency, satisfaction, safety, and excellence. All of which we are dedicated to provide.

You have probably heard of us before, PG Health. If not, you will in the near future. We are members of your community, and we do this for our community. We want to take you along our journey of discovery to explore, research, uncover, and learn. It is our goal to promote education, mentor-ship, and support, within our business and among the members of the community. It is our desire to advance healthcare/become leaders in our nation’s healthcare evolution, and we want you there every step of the way.

We have so much planned in terms of business operations, products, health events, training and workshops. This will be our way to keep you informed. Join us while we discover, develop, cultivate, and grow our organization. Learn about the biggest challenges of this industry. Learn from our mistakes, take notes from our triumphs, and become a success. We will not leave anything out because we owe it to you to be in our PUREst form at all times. We will keep you updated with our current events, industry-related news, cannabis-related politics and government regulations. Education within the community, and advocacy for our community is of the utmost importance to us. Our journey…is your journey.

~ The PG Health Team

It is National Cannabis Day (4/20)! Throughout the ongoing push for cannabis legalization worldwide, today is especially important for all within the cannabis community. It is on this date that we take a closer look at the history of cannabis, known medicinal research discoveries, and cannabis in relation to the law.

How did 4/20 come to be? It is believed to have originated from a story of a few high schoolers in the 1970s. A group who referred to themselves as The Waldos, often met on occasion to go and hunt for hidden cannabis plants that were managed by a Coast Guard service member. They used 4:20pm as a secret code to meet up. Thus, began the trend of 4/20. The origin and connection to 4/20 has many tales that relate to police coding in California and famous songs in music. But there is one thing that is for sure; the celebration of cannabis has only grown from then with so much rich history behind it.

In the light of April 20th, there are still some ways that you can celebrate today:

  • You can look into a few CBD products that may have caught your eye recently. Whether it’s buying a hand cream or using one of your favorite oils; hemp-deprived CBD products are an increasing trend.
  • Think about donating to a known cannabis charity. Many contribute to the support of medicinal cannabis research while others aid the educational aspect of cannabis research.
  • Use social media! Talk about how cannabis has made an impact in your life or share some insights you find interesting with your friends and family.

Get creative in celebrating today. The cannabis industry continues to strive and be a voice for those wanting to make a difference. 

~ The PG Health Team

Last weekend marked one of the many informative and interactive events of the year within the cannabis industry. DACO, Diasporic Alliance for Cannabis Opportunities, was held on September 27th-28th at Temple University. Industry leaders and organizations from various aspects of the health and cannabis community attended. The goal of this event was to spread awareness of the many different components of the cannabis business industry including:

  • Education
  • Economic Opportunities
  • Wellness Information
  • Networking

PG Health CEO, Faye Coleman, agrees that it was a job well done. Mission accomplished!

The PG Team had the opportunity to engage guests in the 4th session of the Now You Know Workshop, which allowed room for learning and discussing topics surrounding the cannabis industry such as:

  • Legal Aspects
  • Career Opportunities
  • Business
  • Cannabis History
  • Medical Benefits
  • Scientific Background of Cannabis
  • and MORE

Experienced medical professional, Dr. Valerie Armstead even said herself, that DACO created a wonderful space for “more highly established, successful vendors, returning public service exhibitors, artists, therapists & newbies to come together, interact, and promote awareness for the common cause”. Legal Counsel, Krishna Narine, made an impactful impression while leading the discussion of legal matters, which encouraged guests to actively participate. Every voice went unheard; what a lively discussion! Adrina Walker, the facilitator of the workshop noted that many of the guests consisted of the very interested public, educators, potential investors, and business owners. The crowd was so eager and interested to learn more and shared their insights with each other and Adrina is definitely right in stating, “it was a true representation of how cannabis impacts today’s society”. It all begins here. This alone proves that the cannabis industry is ever-evolving and is the topic of conversation among all.

Will we catch you at the 3rd Annual DACO event? Let’s embark on the journey of educating those around us on cannabis!

~ The PG Team

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. The news of its very existence is the topic of discussion nationwide. Along with its known popularity, CBD (cannabidiol) is used to treat and aid in a number of different health issues. Its makeup consists of many different cannabinoids which are found in the hemp plant. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, which means it does not make one experience a feeling of “high”, therefore allowing its components to be embedded into other forms of aid.


Have you seen a change in scenery among your everyday skincare products in stores lately? No? Are you sure? Check again!

CBD is taking the world by storm, with not only its medical benefits but with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects too. So much is invested into the average skincare regimen. So with this new trend on the rise, what has been discovered? “CBD also prevented the “pro-acne” LA-T combination from elevating the expression of TNFA, a key cytokine in the pathogenesis of acne vulgaris” (The Journal of Clinical Investigation). In simple terms, it helps ease skin irritation caused by acne and other components. Its everywhere! In pop up shops at the mall and even in your local beauty retail stores.

Can CBD continue to be the next leading skincare ingredient breakthrough? Well, it has definitely found its way on many retail shelves, bettering the skin of many.

~ The PG Health Team

Believe it or not, many think the only way one can use medical cannabis is to simply smoke it. Not true!

Those who meet the requirements that are set in place by the State of New Jersey Department of Health can be eligible to obtain a medical cannabis patient card. Many suffer from conditions that disrupt their daily routine. Medical cannabis can aid in many of the following conditions:

  • Chronic pain related to musculoskeletal disorders
  • Migraine
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Terminal cancer

For the many conditions that qualify a patient to use medical cannabis, there are multiple options to choose from.

  • Transdermal Smokeless: Muscle rubs, patches
  • Smoked: Extracted to create other forms
  • Ingestion: Capsules, edibles
  • Vaporized (Vaping): Smokeless, no combustion, potent treatment, relatively odorless

Because of its components, cannabis helps those who are not able to use other forms of modern-day medicine due to other concerns. The study of medical cannabis is advancing at an amazingly high rate and is becoming a solution for many.

~ The PG Health Team

If you’ve been keeping up with recent news, then you’d know that the cannabis industry is booming! Cannabis is the topic of discussion these days and it is important that everyone comes to know their facts, myths, and everything in between about it.

As we are on our way to becoming the leading patient organization providing quality medical cannabis in the State of New Jersey, there are precautions that must be taken…we need everyone to know their cannabis. Now You Know Workshops are hosted by PG Health to inform you on the many benefits and opportunities that the cannabis industry has to offer, as well as aspects involving the law and how to stay knowledgeable.

At our most recent workshop, held in Newark, New Jersey, panelists Hope Wiseman, a Dispensary Owner, Cherron Perry Thomas, CEO of Diasporic Alliance for Cannabis Opportunities, Keya C. Denner, Esq. partner FordHarrison Law Firm, and Marc P. Press, Esq. member of Cole Schotz Law Firm spoke on various topics involving the make-up of cannabis, the health benefits and risks, its relatedness to the world of business, as well as the law and how it relates to you. Guests were invited to partake in various questionnaires which tested their factual and mythological knowledge of cannabis and were given the opportunity to ask questions.

Conversation soared throughout the room as curiosity began to spark in the minds of the many individuals that attended. The discussion of law and business were crowd favorites. Many were curious on how the world of cannabis impacted the lives of many who were involved in criminal offenses and how the law would relate to them personally, while others wanted to know the measures taken in diving into such a fast-growing industry. These workshops are designed to help inform the public of new and current information involving cannabis. It allows for a space of open communication among individuals who are given the opportunity to look towards the future; at a bigger picture. We look forward to seeing new faces at future workshops and open the floor to topics of discussion!

If there is one thing that you must take away from attending a PG Health workshop, it is this; “What We Stand for…education, access, and advocacy…Who We Stand For…those who have been unfairly incarcerated and preventing incarceration from those who yet to be.”

~The PG Health Team

Our Chief Executive Officer of PG Health has earned her rightful position on the board of directors for the African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey (AACCNJ). Faye Coleman, being the first African American woman to graduate from the school of Industrial Engineering from West Virginia University, has shown through her countless acts of dedication within her career as well as the many roles as a leader and mentor that there is never a limit on how successful one can be. She is constantly giving her time and energy into PG Health and its upbringing as well as staying actively involved in her educational roots of her alma mater. Faye mentors students and shares insights on her professional life through various campus engagement activities; insights that inspire young leaders to accomplish their own goals and aspirations.

At the Business Leadership Conference on September 20, 2018, she shared her personal story on why she values AACCNJ. Faye continues to advocate for the success of African American owned businesses. She’s gone above and beyond to reach out to those who aid in her vision of success and accomplishment. PG Health is a new addition to the history of black owned companies and the team behind her are proud to see her continue on her path of success and opportunity.

“We have all heard the saying, before you can save someone else you must first put on your own oxygen mask. I am here to say that the chamber is your oxygen mask. As you seek capital, as you seek customers, It is the chamber that will provide the network, the resources, the education, to support your path to being a sustainable black owned business”. – Faye Coleman

~ The PG Health Team