Investing in the marijuana industry

The growth of U.S recreational and medical marijuana sales are projected to raise up to 24.07 billion dollars.

State laws governing the use of medical cannabis are changing rapidly. New scientific evidence supporting the use of medical cannabis is emerging on a regular basis. Keeping pace with the rapid changes in evidence-based cannabinoid therapeutics presents a challenge to a vast number of clinicians who realize the value of this potent new addition to their therapeutic arsenal and want to be able to knowledgeably offer it to their patients.

It is PG Health’s position that medical cannabis and its concentrated products have demonstrated positive outcomes in treating a number of diseases, debilitating conditions, and their associated side effects. We believe that medical cannabis empowers the mind, body, and spirit of each participating patient, providing them treatment and support to overcome the daily challenges of living with chronic illness.

It is because of this that our passion for alternative healthcare guides our dedication to supplying diverse medical cannabis products to patients as well providing avenues for them to receive scholarly, scientifically credible information regarding medical cannabis applications and results. We feel that medical cannabis can be the conduit for a renewed, refined, and regulated commitment to empowering an individual’s total wellness. PG Health, LLC. connects the virtues of education, access, and advocacy with enthusiastic physicians and optimistic patients. We feel that this connection serves as the cornerstone for patients to receive an accurate diagnosis and associated medical response plan.

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