Who is PG Health?

Company History

Established in 2018, the concept of the company is continuing to be fueled by our founders’ common passion around helping patients gain access to the best medicinal cannabis products and education available within the New Jersey market. Our team has extensive experience with identifying, securing, and building medically supervised production and retail locations. Having completed numerous similar projects across the country, PG Health is very excited about establishing our quality brand within the medical cannabis community, poising ourselves for additional opportunities as the New Jersey medical cannabis program further develops.

Located in Cherry Hill, PG Health will be the leading women minority-owned patient organization providing quality medical cannabis in the State of New Jersey.

PG Health is uncompromising in our focus on acquiring and dispensing high-quality medical cannabis products for all patients.

Consistency, customer service, and education are the core values that guide our expert team to deliver a deluxe, therapeutic alternative to traditional western medicine.